1963 The Organisation for African Unity (OAU) is formed. SWAPO and SWANU join the OAU and become members of the Pan African Freedom Movement for East, Central and Southern Africa (PAFMECSA).
Sam Nujoma’s position as President of SWAPO is ratified in Dar-Es-Salaam.
The SWA Liberation Army (SWALA) is created outside the territory after SWAPO has opened an office in Algiers with Solomon Mifima as representative and after Sam Nujoma has urged Algeria’s President, Ahmed Ben Bella, to deliver the first arms to SWAPO. These weapons are later transported by Nujoma and Mifima via Cairo and Dar-Es-Salaam to Lusaka where they are transported further into the Caprivi Strip.
Agostinho Neto becomes MPLA President in Angola.
The Caprivi African National Union (CANU) is formed by Brendan Kongongolo Simbwaye and Mishake Muyongo as a revolutionary movement to promote independence for SWA.
Some Ovaherero spokesmen in contact with Kerina and Beukes discuss the formation of a new political party. Kenneth G Abrahams of Rehoboth also participates in these discussions. Abrahams is 1973 arrested by the SA Police. He manages to flee to Botswana together with Shipanga. There they are kidnapped by SA agents, but later, due to international pressure, they are released and return to Botswana. Shipanga becomes SWAPO’s representative in the Congo, in Ghana and finally in Egypt. Abrahams goes to Sweden to take up further studies. He returns 1978 to Namibia.
Ernest Ngarikutuke Tjiriange becomes SWAPO’s Secretary in the organisation’s Windhoek branch.
Mosť Penaani Tjitendero is expelled from the Augustineum College after attending a political rally.
South Africa declares a territorial sea of six nautical miles from the shore and a fishing zone of 12 nautical miles, under Act No. 87 of 1963.
All parts of the territory receive extraordinarily good rainfall.
Nangolo Leonard Auala becomes the first bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Ovambo-Kavango Church (ELOK).
16.03. Hardap Dam is completed, this being the largest dam built in the territory so far (252 million m3)
July Further Walvis Bay port extensions are completed.
October The South West African Liberation Front (SWANLIF) is constituted, and is eventually renamed the South West Africa National United Front (SWANUF). SWANLIF is the first organised attempt to unify different national movements in the territory. It is formed following the declaration of the OAU’s Liberation Committee that it would only support one unified political movement in SWA.
November Clarence B Randall, economic advisor to US President John F Kennedy, visits SWA. He proposes giving SA a second chance to prove its commitment to good governance of the mandated territory.
December SWAPO and SWANU meet in Dar-Es-Salaam to draft a constitution for SWANLIF. SWANLIF exists only within SWA but fails to become a reality externally. The party represents the last attempt to co-ordinate the efforts of SWAPO and SWANU.
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