1967 The NAPLA commander Tobias Hainjeko is killed in action near Katima Mulilo.
The coal-fired power station, Van Eck, is built in Windhoek.
The black top road between Usakos and Swakopmund is completed.
Ondonga King, Martin (Nambala) Ashikoto is sent into exile to Namaland by the SWA Administration because he oversteps his legal powers. His successor is the 15th Ondonga King Pau (Paulus) Elifas (1967-1970).
The first Roman Catholic missionary who joins the common ecumenical action against the systematic mistreatment and torture of Namibians in Ovamboland, is Franz Seiler from the missionary station Okatana who together with Bishop Auala from ELOK and an Anglican representative from Odibo directs a strong protest to the SA authorities in Ondangwa.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of SWA (ELC) holds its third synod at Otjimbingwe.
January Construction of the road bridge over the Swakop River between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay commences.
February During the Conference of Nicosia SWANU is expelled from AAPSO. This leads consequently to the loss of OAU recognition. SWAPO is admitted to AAPSO.
21.04.-13.06. The UN General Assembly discusses practical steps for the handing over of power to the people of SWA, which should become an independent state in June 1968.
19.05. The UN Council for SWA is created by the General Assembly in terms of UNGA Resolution 2248 (S-V) to strive for independence and administer the territory until that time. (The council is renamed the UN Council for Namibia a year later). SA rejects the body. It is also suggested that representatives from SWA should be appointed to the UN Economic Commission for Africa.
May SA Prime Minister Vorster visits the territory.
27.06. Some war-related incidents in SWA lead to specific legislation for cases of "terrorism" that demand the death penalty. The Terrorism Act, No. 83 of 1967 is enacted by the South Africans and is made retroactive to 27.06.1962. It enables the South African courts to sentence SWAPO soldiers and civilian leaders to the supreme penalty for actions committed many years before its enactment.
31.10. SA discusses plans for Ovamboland autonomy with seven tribal chiefs.
16.12. In UNGA Resolution 2324 (XXII) the UN General Assembly condemns the illegal arrest, deportation and trial in Pretoria of SWA citizens (the "Terrorism Trial").
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