The Orlam Afrikaners are severely beaten by the Hahn commando near Otjimbingwe.
Christian Wilhelm Zeraua and Manasse Tyiseseta leave Otjimbingwe and move to Omaruru (also called Okosondje).
Johann Georg Krönlein becomes head of the Rhenish Missionary Society in Namaland (until 1877).
The Chief of the Red Nation ||Oaseb !Na-khomab dies in Hoachanas. His successor is #Goraxab ||Oasmab (Barnabas).
03.02. Due to the turbulent times after the 1858 peace treaty of Hoachanas the mission station at Hoachanas has to be abandoned (until 27.06.1874).
27.02. The annexation of the 12 Atlantic offshore islands is legalised by a British Royal Patent.
15.05. Johann Wilhelm Redecker lands in Walvis Bay as one of Hahn’s colonists.
05.07. William Coates Palgrave obtains permission from Maharero to move freely in Hereroland.
06.07 Andersson, who is accompanied by Axel Wilhelm Eriksson, dies of blackwater fever at Omutwe-Onjambu in Angola.
The Rhenish mission station Ameib is founded and its first missionary is Johann Albrecht Friedrich Böhm.
19.09. Rhenish missionary Friedrich Wilhelm Weber resumes work at Warmbad (until November 1880).

The Orlam Afrikaners again attack Otjimbingwe, but the turning point in their history had come with the defeats they suffered against the Ovaherero under Andersson’s command in 1863 and 1864. Jan Jonker escapes to Walvis Bay, which is plundered by the Orlam Afrikaners. Maharero moves in consequence of these events to Okahandja (January/ February 1868). The reasons for this are not only the Orlam defeats but the strong influence of the missionaries and the Europeans on the Ovaherero which he wants to escape. Hahn’s mission idea suffers a decisive defeat.
27.11. Rhenish missionary Knauer leaves Gibeon and is succeeded there by Johannes Olpp (as from 09.01.1868). Missionary Olpp baptises Kido Witbooi as Moses David Witbooi in Gibeon.
19.12. Kido Witbooi, David Christian Frederiks and Paul Goliath conclude a peace treaty at Gibeon ("Orlam Peace of 1867"). The treaty is aimed against Chief of the Kai||khaun from Hoachanas, #Goraxab ||Oasmab (Barnabas).
22.12. A commando from Otjimbingwe surprises Jan Jonker Afrikaner and his men at Anawood. They are entirely defeated in what Hahn calls a "bloodbath".
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