1880 Missionary SchrŲder reports that the Ovaherero have moved so far to the south that Windhoek has become an "island".
Missionary Beiderbecke has to abandon the mission station at Otjozondjupa due to the outbreak of the Ovaherero-Nama war.
Missionary Brincker becomes head of the Augustineum College in Otjimbingwe (until 1889).
Bismarck asks the British Government for protection for German mission stations in the territory. London answers that the Oranje River is the northern border of the Cape Colony and that the British Crown cannot take responsibility for areas outside her borders.
In the Kavango the Uukwangali King Mpasi dies. He is succeeded by Queen Mpande (until 1886).
Jakobus Christian ((Taoseb #Naoxamab) from the Bondelswarts is born.

Palgrave returns to Walvis Bay (leaves Cape Town on 10.10) as magistrate and Commissioner for Hereroland (his fourth official journey to the territory), after travelling extensively through the lands of the Nama and Ovaherero, and after the British Government had turned down Jan Jonker Afrikaner’s request for protection.
February CJ Michael Vos from Cape Town is one of the Rhenish Missionary Society’s main suppliers of arms and ammunition to the territory. Other agents, for instance James Murray, export Dama labourers into the Cape Colony.
June Fabri asks the German Reich to take over the territory as a colony (one of many petitions sent to Britain and Germany since Fabri took command of the Rhenish Mission in 1868).
Palgrave travels to Gobabis to again attempt to "pacify" the Namaland communities. The Witbooi Paul Visser and Headman Frederik Vlermuis of Gobabis plan an uprising against Palgrave’s efforts. David Christian Frederiks of Bethany advises Palgrave to leave the territory. This is the outcome of Palgrave’s third effort to place the territory under Cape protection.
War between the Nama and Ovaherero breaks out, after the battle of Gurumanas (||Gurum‚!n‚s). The Ovaherero leader Karuvingo and the Nama leader Nu-|narub are both killed in the skirmish. The Ovaherero escape to Okahandja where Wilhelm Maharero, the oldest son of Maharero and Riarua (Nama name "Amadamap"), receives orders to repel the expected Nama attack.
25.08. Windhoek is destroyed by Maharero.
30.08. Gobabis is destroyed by Ovambanderu leader Kahimemua Nguvauva. Many Nama are killed.
04.09. Palgrave leaves the territory.
26.09. Jan Jonker Afrikaner declares war against Maharero.
28.10. Maharero loses the battle of Okangondo.
November Benjamin Musgrave becomes British Resident Magistrate in Walvis Bay (until 1885), followed by Mr Guthrie (until 1891).
After the killings of some Basters (McNab) near the Waterberg and in Gobabis, Hermanus van Wyk decides to follow Jan Jonker Afrikaner.
Moses Witbooi and the Nama community of the ||‘-gain (or "Groot Doden") assemble in Seeis.
02.12. The Ovaherero of Otjimbingwe and Omaruru are defeated by Abraham Swartbooi in the battle of Etusis. Otjimbingwe is looted by Petrus Swartbooi. European missionaries under missionary Johann Albrecht Friedrich BŲhm are allowed to leave Otjimbingwe unhindered.
03.12. Jan Jonker Afrikaner assures missionary Bam that the Nama will not make war against Europeans.
10.12. Jan Jonker Afrikaner starts his campaign against Maharero by moving northwards to Otjikango (GroŖ Barmen).

Wilhelm Maharero defeats Jan Jonker Afrikaner but is wounded in the battle of Otjikango. Three sons of Chief Kukuri of Otjosazu are killed. On the Nama side David Christian Frederiks of Bethany and Chief of the Kai||khaun from Hoachanas, |G‚berob #Goraxamab (also called with his Christian name Petrus, probably murdered during the battle), the last offspring of the ||Oaseb dynasty, are killed. Oral evidence has it that his successor, Manasse !Noreseb Gamab (from 1881 until 1905), gave the order to murder |G‚berob.The surviving Nama, inter alia Jakobus Isaak of Berseba, escape first to Windhoek and later to Rehoboth and further south.
14.12. Wilhelm Maharero dies after being wounded in the battle of Otjikango.
23./24.12. Moses Witbooi is defeated in the battle of Otjosazu and escapes to Gibeon.
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