1823 Jager Afrikaner dies in Blydeverwacht.
1824 The leader of the Kai||khaun, Tsawúb Gamab dies. His successor is !Na-khom Gamab.
Missionary Schmelen crosses the Namib Desert along the Kuiseb River. He reaches Walvis Bay.
23.01. Captain Chapman from the vessel Espiègle sails along the Namibian Atlantic coast and "discovers" the Kunene Mouth. He calls the river Nourse’s River.
1825 Jonker Afrikaner wishes to establish a mission station for his people.
Schmelen meets Jonker Afrikaner and his people in Tsebris, an area west of present-day Rehoboth.

Kobus Frederiks ("Ou Kobeb") is followed by Captain Josef Frederiks I.
Following the killing of William Threlfall, missionary in Lily Fountein (Cape Colony), by the San Naughaap (probably August 1825, north west of Warmbad), Europeans shun Great Namaqualand until the mid-1830s.
Captain William Fitzwilliam Owen and Captain Vidal from the vessel Barracouta survey the Atlantic coast to the Kunene Mouth.
1826 Wesleyan missionary Barnabas Shaw returns to Cape Town.
1827 Missionary Schmelen visits the Ovaherero settlement Okahandja. Carl Hugo Hahn names it later (09.02.1843) "Schmelenshoop" or "Schmelensverwachting". Schmelen is probably the first "white" to visit Okahandja.
1828 The US Captain Benjamin Morrell anchors off the mouth of the Oranje River in his vessel Antarctic. From here he continues to Angra Pequeña, where he trades with local Nama and Dama. He reports on the possibility of exploiting guano along the Atlantic coast at the Atlantic coast island Ichaboe (06.10.1828).
The South African Kololo, a faction of the Sotho people, under King Sebitwane (? - 1851), establish their capital in Linyanti in the Fwe (or Mafwe) and Yeyi (Mayeyi) area (present-day Caprivi Strip). They destroy the social and political structures of the Fwe inhabitants. From here they conquer the whole Barotseland in present-day Zambia.
1830s Jonker Afrikaner establishes sovereignty in the southern and central regions of the territory. An alliance between the Afrikaners and Kai||khaun is established.
1830 Hendrik Witbooi, later also called "!Nanseb |Gabemab" is born in Pella (?) in South Africa.
1833 In the Kavango the Uukwangali King Mpepo is murdered. His successor is Sikongo who reigns up to 1870. He brings a period of peace and prosperity to the Kwangali area.
The Wesleyan Missionary Society takes over all missionary activities from the London Missionary Society (until 1840).
16.07. Wesleyan missionary Edward Boyer Cook (until 09.03.1843) revives the missionary work in Warmbad. He calls Warmbad "Nisbett Bath" in honour of Josiah Nisbett who provided the funds. He works with Peter Links (until 1839).
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