Important Acts and Laws in the History of Namibia

1849 "Code of Law" (Ryksboek)
Act No. 19 of 1939 (on incorporating SWA Police into SA Police)
Act No. 20 of 1922 (on management of railways and harbours)
Act No. 49 of 1919 (to administer SWA as mandatory territory)
Act No. 38 of 1928 (to make the Administrator "Paramount Chief of all Natives")
Act No. 56 of 1954 (on transferral of Ovamboland Affairs)
Act No. 87 of 1963 (territorial sea of 6 nautical miles)
AG8 Act, 1980 (on the three tiers of government)
Agricultural (Commercial) Land Reform Bill, 1994
Agronomic Industry Act, Act 20 of 1992
Bantu Education Act of 1935
Baster paternal laws of 1872
Bill of fundamental human rights, 1982
Bill of Fundamental Rights and Objectives, 1985
Bill of fundamental rights, 1989 (SWAPO Election Manifesto)
Bill to abolish racial discrimination, 1979
Broadcasting Act (Act No. 9 of 1991
Central Intelligence Service Bill, 1997
Colonial Railway Draft Bill of 1910
Colonial Railway Building and Operations Act, 1912
Colour Bar Law of 1926
Communal Land Reform Bill, 1999
Council of Traditional Leaders Act, No.13 of 1997
Electoral Act, 1992
Electricity Act No.2 of 2000
Export Processing Zone (EPZ) Amendment Bill,1996
Foreign Investment Bill, 1991
Group Areas Act, 1950
Ichaboe and Penguin Islands Act, 1874
Immorality Act of 1927
Imperial Ordinance on the  expropriation of land of dissident tribes, 26.12.1905
Labour Code, 1907
Labour Act No. 6 of 1992
Law (Ordinance) for expropriation of land/cattle of dissident tribes, 08.08.1906
Law (Ordinance) for expropriation of land/cattle of dissident tribes, 08.05.1907
Law for the protection areas (Schutzgebietsgesetz) dated 17.04.1886
Amended Law for the protection areas (Neu gefasstes Schutzgebietsgesetz), 10.09.1900
Local Authorites Act, 1992
MarriedPersons Equality Bill, 1996
Martial law in Rehoboth, 1925
Mining Ordinance, 1888
Mining Ordinance, 1889
Mining Ordinance, 1905
Mining Ordinance, 1909
Mining legislation, 1954
Mixed Marriages Act, 1905
Namibia Time Bill (Bill 39 of 1993)
Namibian Communications Commission Act (Act No. 4 of 1992), 25.03.1992
Namibian Ports Authority Bill, 23.02.1994
National Anthem of the Republic of Namibia Bill, 1991
National Assembly Act No. 8 of 1985
National Transport Corporation Act, 1987
National Transportation Services Holding Company Act No. 28 of 1998
Naturalisation Act, 1924
Pass laws, 1907
Powers, Privileges and Immunities Bill, 1996
Public Holidays Bill, 1990
Racial Discrimination Prohibition Act (Act No 26 of 1991)
Regional Councils Act, 1992
Rehoboth Self-Government Act, No. 56 of 1976
Riotous Assemblies Act of 1956
Road Fund Adminitration Bill, 1999
Roads Authority Bill, 1999
Roads Contractor Company Bill, 1999
Road Traffic and Transport Bill, 2000
Roads Ordinance, 1888
Roman-Dutch Law, 1920
SA martial law, 1915-1921
SA Native Land Act No. 27 of 1913
Sabotage Act No. 76 of 1962
Sabotage Amend Act No. 62 of 1966
Sea Fisheries Act, 1992
Sea Fisheries Regulations, 1993
Self-Government: Native Nations in SWA Act, No. 54 of 1968
Self-Government: Native Nations in SWA Act, No. 20 of 1973
South African Defence Act, No. 13 of 1912
South West Africa Affairs Amendment Act, No. 23 of 1949
South West Africa Affairs Act, No. 25 of 1969
South West Africa Constitution Act, No. 42 of 1925
South West Africa Constitution Act, No. 39 of 1968
South West Africa Constitution Amendment Act No. 95 of 1977
State Security Act of 1950
Suppression of Communism Act of 1950
Territorial Sea and Exclusive Economic Zone of Namibia Bill, 1990
Terrorism Act, No. 83 of 1967
Traditional Authorities Act, No. 17 of 1995
Traditional Authorities Act, No. 25 of 2000
Union Land Settlement Act, 1912
Vocational Training Act, 1992
Walvis Bay und Off-Shore Islands Bill, 21.02.1994
Water Bill, 1914
Zuidwest-Afrika Naturalisatie van Vreemdelingen Wet, 1923

Important Proclamations in the History of Namibia

Agronomic Industry Proclamation (AG 11 of 1985)
Customs Proclamation, 1896
Maharero's proclamation (King of Hereroland), 1884
Native Administration Proclamation No. 11 of 1922
Native Labour Proclamation, No. 6 of 1925
Proclamation AG 9 of 1977 (security legislation)
Proclamation AG 11 of 1989 ("Establishment and Powers of the Commission for the Prevention and Combatting of Intimidation and Election Malpractices")
Proclamation AG 14 of 1989 ("First Law amendment (Abolition of Discriminatory of Restrictive Laws for purposes of Free and Fair Elections))".
Proclamation AG 16 of 1979 (on the establishment of the SWABC)
Proclamation AG 16 of 1989 (Repealing 46 discriminatory laws)
Proclamation AG 19 of 1989 for the "Registration of Voters (Constituent Assembly Proclamation)".
Proclamation AG 21 of 1979 (establishment: National Assembly)
Proclamation AG 49 of 1989 for the "the Holding of an Election for a Constituent Assembly".
Proclamation AG 63 of 1978 (establishment: Constituent Assembly)
Proclamation as set out in Government Notice 1666 of 19.08.1977
Proclamation for self-government for "white" settlers, 1899
Proclamation No. 12 of 1922 (on administration of Caprivi Strip)
Proclamation No. 14 of 1920 (on land policy)
Proclamation No. 15 of 1928 (on local authority ownership)
Proclamation No. 16 of 1921 (on dog tax)
Proclamation No. 2 of 1916 (Masters and Servants Law)
Proclamation No. 25 of 1925 (on vagrancy)
Proclamation No. 28 of 1923 (on self-government of Basters)
Proclamation No. 29 of 1935 (over the control of migrant labour)
Proclamation No. 3 of 1917 (labour conditions in mines)
Proclamation No. 31 of 1924 (power to Rehoboth magistrate)
Proclamation No. 33 of 1922 (on curfew for "blacks")
Proclamation No. 34 of 1922 (refined regulations on curfew for "blacks")
Proclamation No. 34 of 1924 (Native Urban Areas Proclamation)
Proclamation No. 36 of 1921 (about branding of cattle)
Proclamation No. 5 of 1917 (general labour conditions)
Proclamation No. 51 of 1937 (prohibiting aliens in SWA to become members of political parties)
Proclamation No. 85 of 1979 (on Central Revenue Fund)
Proclamation not to issue government land to farmers who live together with native women, 1907
Proclamation on credit regulations, 1903
Proclamation R101 of 1985 (on powers for TGNU)
Proclamation R104 of 1973 (on self-government for Ovamboland)
Proclamation R115 of 1973 (on self-government for Kavango)
Proclamation R17 of 1972 (Emergency Proclamation)
Proclamation R202 of 1977 (on administration of Walvis Bay)
Proclamation threatening Ovaherero with total extinction (Von Trotha's Proclamation), 1904
Proclamation, No. 23 of 1939 (on Native Trust Funds)
Proclamation, No. 27 of 1929 (on Ovamboland Affairs)
Proclamation, No. 27 of 1930 (on Caprivi Affairs)
Proclamation, No. 32 of 1937 (on Okavango Affairs)
Registration of Political Oganisations Proclamation, September 1989
Undesirables Removal Proclamation No. 50 of 1920

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