AADT Annual Average Daily Traffic (total vehicles per day)
AASHO American Association of State Highway Officials
AASHTO American Association of State Highway & Transportation Off.
ACV Aggregate Crushing Value (%)
ADT Average Daily Traffic (total vehicles per day)
APV Average Pliers Value (%)
ASTM American Society for Testing Materials
AWA Axle Weight Analyser
B Ballast for Railways
BMZ Bundesministerium für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit
BP Borrow Pit
BPR Bureau for Public Roads (USA)
CBR California Bearing Ratio (%)
Ch Foot Chainage (1 chainage equals 100 feet)
Ch Surfacing Aggregates or Chips
CO Coarse Aggregate for Concrete
COMP In-Situ Relative Compaction (%)
CR Corrugation Severity Rating
CR Crusher-Run Basecourse
CS Crack Severity
CSIR Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Pretoria
Cx Basecourse, Chips, Concrete, Ballast
DCP Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
DEF Deflection (mm)
DR District Road
DR Dust Ratio (P075/P425)
DRTT Division of Roads and Transport Technology (CSIR)
E80 80 kN Unit Axle Mass
ENT Equivalent New Tyres (US $)
ENTL Equivalent New Tyre Life (103 km/tyre)
EVU Equivalent Vehicle Unit
FACT Fines Aggregate Crushing Test
FC Feldspar Content (%)
FI Fineness Index (%) (product: PI and P075)
FR Farm Road
FRG Federal Republic of Germany
FTN FORTRAN computer language
GI Gravel Index (1 - ratio P200/P2650)
GM General Motors Profilometer
GM Grading Modulus [(300-E of P2000, P425, P075)/100]
GTZ Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit
GVM Gross Vehicle Mass (kg)
HDM Highway Design and Maintenance Model
HFL High Flood Level (m)
HKFL Highest Known Flood Level (m)
HP Hewlett-Packard
HRU Hydrological Research Unit (Univ. of Witwatersrand/RSA)
IDC Independent Development Country
IRI International Roughness Index (m/m)
IRR Internal Rate of Return (%)
L Lane
LABMAX Maximum sieve size (mm)
LDI Linear Displacement Integrator (m/km)(measured: cm/km)
LL Liquid Limit (%)
LS Linear Shrinkage (%)
LSS Loose Stones Severity
Ma Million anni (years)
MAP Mean Annual Precipitation (mm)
MAR Mean Area Run-Off (m3/s)
MC Medium Curing (bitumen)
MDD Maximum Dry Density (kg/m3)
MDP Maximum Daily Precipitation (mm)
MDS Maintenance Design System
MR Main Road
N N-Value (Weinert, 1980)
ND No Data
NITRR National Institute for Transportation and Road Research
NP Non Plastic
NPW Net Present Worth (NPW: Future Benefits-NPW: Costs) (US $)
OCC Opportunity Cost of Capital (%)
OL Optimal Life Method
OMC Optimum Moisture Content (%)
P075 Percent Passing 0,075 mm sieve (and other sieves)
PCA Portland Cement Association Roadmeter
PF Plastic Factor (PL*P075)(%)
pH pH value
PI Plasticity Index (LL-PL)(%)
PL Plastic Limit (%)
PMS Pavement Management System
PNVP Percentage of New Vehicle Price
PS Pot-hole Severity
PSI Present Serviceability Index
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride
QI Quarter Car Index (counts/km)
R R-Factor: Coefficient of Correlation
R (South African Currency) Rand, still used in Namibia
RAIN Mean Annual Precipitation (mm)
RQ Riding Quality
RSA Republic of South Africa
RTRRMS Response Type Road Roughness Measuring System
SABS South African Bureau of Standards
S.C. Strength Coefficient
SCS USA Soil Conservation Service
SDS Surface Drainage Severity
SITC Southern Inter Tropical Convergence Zone
SNC Corrected Pavement Structural Number (included subgrade)
SNU Structural Number for Pavement Layers
SP Slightly Plastic
SPT Standard Penetration Test
TAWC Traffic Axle Weight Classifier
TMH Technical Methods for Highways
TR Trunk Road
TRH Technical Recommendations for Highways
TRRL Transportation and Road Research Laboratory (UK)
VA Value Age Relationship
VOC Vehicle Operating Costs (US $)
VPD Vehicles per day
WL Wave Length (corrugations) (mm)

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